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The SCC is a beautiful coach designed for the future (2020) luxury touring coach segment in developed markets.

It could succeed the successful Mercedes-Benz Travego range.

Key features would include:

- Expansive glass panels for excellent driver visibility.

- High-back ventilated driver’s seat with head, arm, and thigh rests and with integrated massage.

- Partitioned passenger compartment with panels that follow the arch of the B-pillar.

- High-back passenger seats with head, arm, and footrests.

- Multichannel audiovisual entertainment system with individual TFT screens and headphones for passengers.

- Skylights throughout the roof with electrochromic glazing.

- Rear WC/Galley/Attendant area.

- Dynamic front slope with unique B-pillar design and “glass palace” effect.

- Three-dimensional front panel design that resembles the current Travego.

- Rear light clusters inspired by the Mercedes-Benz W221 S-Class.

- AC unit positioned at the chassis level, rather than on the roof.

- Solar cells on the roof that assist in powering the AC unit.

- Low profile horizontally-opposed engine.

- Clean, Simple, and Elegant design.


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