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The SCT is a dynamic truck designed for the future (2020) long-distance haulage segment in developed markets.

It could succeed the successful Mercedes-Benz Actros range.

Key features would include:

- A single entry door positioned curbside.

- An ergonomic stairway.

- Expansive glass panels for excellent driver visibility.

- High-back ventilated driver’s seat with head, arm, and thigh rests and with integrated massage.

- Wraparound overhead storage console above the windscreen.

- Co-driver/Activity seat located at the rear.

- Workstation and stand-up storage console at rear corners.

- Telescopic overhead bunk that ascends to increase headroom.

- Large skylight with electrochromic glazing.

- Dynamic front slope with unique “glass palace” effect.

-  Compact nanofluid radiator for a sleek and low nose.

- Three-dimensional wraparound gully.

- A low flat floor (facilitated by a low profile horizontally-opposed engine).

- Clean, Simple, and Elegant design.


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